Andy Warhol Carpets

The American artist Andrew Warhola, or Andy Warhol as he was known publicly, led the modern pop art scene during his lifespan from August 1928 to February 1986. Warhol was one of the very few artists who enjoyed fame and popularity while still alive, and he was very successful in many other fields besides painting. One of his first careers involved commercial illustrating. However, after a stint in this field he went on to direct some very controversial films, produce records, and write.
The Old Guitarist By Pablo Picasso

One of the most celebrated of Pablo Picasso's paintings is the "Old Guitarist" which hangs in the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago. The painting is from Picasso's "Blue Period" where all his work was of course done in blue.

Pablo Picasso - The African Period

Picasso's Rose Period was followed by an even more radical departure in style. From 1907 to 1909 Picasso's art was influenced by his interest in so-called "primitive" arts, especially African Masks. This period, consequently, became known as the African Period. His paintings, typified by simplified, angular forms, were rendered in a muted palette of reds and browns.



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